Review: The Floridian. St. Augustine, FL.

The Floridian
39 Cordova St.
St Augustine, FL 32084

I remember in grad school one of my economics professors loved to talk about the economic principles behind restaurant placement. One paper that he referred to often spoke of how the worst food was always found where there was the most foot traffic (read: touristy areas). Much to our delight, St. Augustine seems to buck that trend.

The Floridian was the restaurant we chose to eat at for Mrs. Roadrunner’s birthday. It came recommended by a hipster working at Hyppo (Side note: Hipsters are always reliable when it comes to local recommendations. When you need something good to eat, find the dude with the skinniest jeans in the area and ask him). We went there a bit late and it doesn’t get a ton of natural light, so the pics suck.

The first appetizer (yes, first. we were celebrating) was a golden summer scallop ceviche. It had nice bits of corn and some mango for sweetness and it was served with chips for sipping. It was a nice start.

The next appetizer was fried green tomatoe bruschetta. It was topped with basil, goat cheese and chili-cumin aioli and put on artisan bread. This was our favorite dish of the night. Super good.

 My main course was the “Southern Gentleman.” It was a burger on french bread, topped with goat cheese, house made bacon, chipotle mayo and peaches. It actually didn’t do a ton for me and was the low point of the meal.

East meets West was our other entree. It was  a tenderloin and shrimp with mango salsa, quinoa and fried zucchini. A solid dish. We were both stuffed by now and we didn’t want to skip on dessert (we were celebrating, remember?), so we didn’t quite finish this dish.

The dessert we split (we were watching our portions and we had just had a popsicle) was a coconut chocolate chip pecan pie. It was outstanding. Highly recommended if you like pecan pie.

Overall, a solid meal and a great suggestion from a local hipster. When he threw out that they were using local, organic ingredients, I knew that we were headed in the right direction. What we got was a nice little birthday dinner in the middle of a great town to spend the weekend in.


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