Review: Counter Cafe. Austin, TX.

 Counter Cafe
626 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78703

One weekend, with my wife needing to be in San Antonio for a bachelorette party on Saturday, we decided to spend our Friday in Austin (of course eating). The plan was to get down early for lunch and wait in line at Franklin’s.

Unfortunately, a wreck on I35 slowed us down an hour and by the time we got to Franklin’s they were out of brisket.

Disheveled, distraught, and a million other words that begin with “dis”, we regrouped and headed over to Counter Cafe. I intentionally left the part out where we listened to Coldplay and cried in our car.

Counter cafe is a tiny little diner with a handful of 2 top tables and counter service. When we got there, all the tables were filled and we waited a bit for something to open up. After a while, 3 seats opened up at the counter (not the best situation with a 2 year old, but we went with it).

The food is gourmet diner food made with organic and as local as possible ingredients. It’ a common concept idea these days, but Counter Cafe was a pioneer of the genre.

The first plate we ordered was the Counter Burger. Topped with organic veggies and cheddar, the all natural beef was a nice thickness and plenty juicy. The white bun had a sweetness that I’m not super into, but the burger was solid none-the-less.

The fries were outstanding. Simple but amazing.

Mrs. Roadrunner ordered Crab Cake Benedict. The crab seemed like it needed to be pick through a little better (too much shell). The toast and egg were fine, nothing to write home about.

Overall, this place is a solid choice for the hipster diner scene. The food won’t blow you away, but you could do a lot worse.


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