Review: Smoke. Dallas, TX.

901 Fort Worth Avenue
Dallas, TX 75208

During a brief twitter conversation about favorite Brunnch spots, I mentioned that my go-to in Dallas is probably Smoke. A big reason for that is that I live right off I30 and the other reason is that it’s really good.

When a co-worker wanted to meet for brunch one Saturday and then asked if I’d heard of Smoke, I smiled slyly and said “I’ve heard of it.” I didn’t want any backing out because I eat there so much.

The food here is all made in house with incredibly high standards. Chef Tim Byres’ dedication to quality and never taking the easy way out is quite refreshing. The dedication definitely comes through in the food.

Dining with me on this meal was Mrs. Roadrunner and little roadrunner. We ordered 3 plates with the intent of splitting them between us (like every loving family who enjoys variety does).

The first dish up was the Ricotta Pancakes with Vanilla poached  apricots, blueberries and cream. This bad boy is what is on the tip of everyone’s tongue when the conversation of brunch at Smoke comes up. Rightfully so, the pancakes are light and airy and not too overly sweet. The apricots and blueberries always add a nice amount of tartness to the dish, making it a real winner.

The brisket hash was the low point of the meal. I enjoy it, but Mrs. Roadrunner doesn’t (and let me know it repeatedly). I think it’s good, not great though. The smoked brisket sits on top of a cornbread hash and is topped with a poached egg. The cornbread hash isn’t amazing and is probably what causes this particular dish to miss.

The Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict are probably my favorite brunch item in Dallas right now. The pork is juicy and has great flavor. The poached egg and hollandaise are both spot on. It’s a simple dish, but those are always the best right? On the side are goat cheese potato cakes. You can never go wrong with frying goat cheese and potatoes.

Overall, if you’re looking for a great brunch with some Texas flair, check out the Tim Byre’s Smoke. The place is about as good as it gets.

RATING: ****

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Review: Dexter’s. Orlando, FL.

808 East Washington Street
Orlando, FL 32801

After spending a day at Disney World, we woke up with a lot of time before our flight and one goal in mind….. find some good brunch. I had done a little research, but not a ton. It seemed when people talked about brunch in Orlando, Dexter’s was a common theme. We decided to pack up and head into downtown to give it a try.

The neighborhood was nice and when we got in we were immediately seating (Side Note: generally I get scared not having to wait to eat brunch but I had walked all day the day before and was happy to be seated quickly).

The first plate we ordered was a skirt steak burrito. Steak and eggs with sour cream and guacamole on the side. It wasn’t spectacular, but wasn’t bad either.

The French toast came with vanilla glaze, fresh fruit compote and marnier glaze. I felt the same way about it as I did the burrito, good but not great.

The winner of this meal and probably the best thing I ate in Florida was the Eggs benedict with smoked turkey,tomato and honey hollandaise on french bread. This thing was outstanding. Simple, no frills, but outstanding. If you go here, please get this.

Overall, we definitely felt like this meal was worth the jaunt from Disney to Downtown. If you’re in the area and looking for a good brunch, this place gets the roadrunner seal of approval.


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